Pryde of the X-men

So I’m watching the 1989 pilot of a show that never picked up. It’s the X-men before the 1992 version. It’s called Pryde of the X-men only because that was the name of the first episode and there was never anything after. I’ll compare it to the ’92 version because they were so close.

1) The intros are different. The music in this one sucks and there’s singing about what the X-men do. I like the ’92 version much better because there is no lyrics.

2) The animation is basically the exact same. It looks just like the ’92 version which is good because it could have easily been like the old 80s superhero cartoons which had terrible animation. By extension, the action sequences are better because the animation moves easier. This, however, does share a similar problem that the 80s and before cartoons did which was the wrong person would be talking when they show someone’s mouth moving.

3) The designs are very similar for some characters, and completely different for others. Since these shows were based off the comic books that were coming out at the time, in 3 years there wasn’t much change in the character designs. Wolverine, Magneto, Colossus, Nightcrawler, and Emma Frost all look almost exactly the same. Others though, like Storm and Dazzler look completely different. There are some who are in the middle like Xavier and Cyclops. Xavier doesn’t have that stupid floating yellow chair but has the same clothes on.

4) I do not like the voice acting. At all. Colossus sounds like Dracula. Wolverine sounds like a Scotsman which doesn’t make sense because he is suppose to be Canadian. Emma Frost goes by the White Queen and sounds really stupid. She is suppose to sound sexy instead of an old lady.

5) The writing itself is not great. Magneto has assembled all the evil mutants together which makes it too simple. X-men there are suppose to be all these different layers of issues going on and multiple enemies on multiple sides, but in this they are only two sides. One is the X-men, and the other side wants to take over the world and make humans slaves. Also there’s too much exposition. Stan Lee narrates which is terrible. Kitty shows up and has only been there for a few minutes and immediately puts her life on the line. That’s just unrealistic because she doesn’t even know them.

So I can see why this show didn’t get picked up. It’s just not great.

In other news, Netflix put out Daredevil last week. I just started watching it last night and have only finished 5 episodes, but it’s not too bad. I hear they are planning on making a TV universe with all the Netflix shows and then maybe if they are good they will directly cross over with the movies. Sounds interesting. I wish there would be a few more Easter eggs from the movies but I see why they aren’t doing it. They don’t want to do a lot of important stuff in the shows in case they aren’t received well. That way they don’t have to acknowledge the shows in the movies.


Some Stuff I’ve Decided

Been live tweeting this week. if you’ve been following this blog and wondering where I am, it has been Twitter. I don’t want to blog and live tweet in the same day. I’m really weird and when I put myself on a schedule of blogging I feel like its work. It’s like when I was in college and I had this comic book class. I love reading comic books so I thought I would enjoy this class. However, when the teacher assigned comic books, I hated it. So I’ve decided that I will blog when I want to. I’m not promising a set schedule. Tune in when you can and catch up. I do enjoy live tweeting because I’m getting feedback on that. I have not received any feedback from this blog. It may not even stay for very long. The only people who have been following me are people who want me to follow their blog and even those are few and far between. So if I start getting feedback I might blog a bit more, but until then it’ll be just when I feel like it

Live Tweeting

Tonight there will be some live tweeting. Tune in to my Twitter sometime after 10. I’ll be Tweeting the 5th part of the Friday the 13th franchise.

Sorry for the short post. I promise I’ll start up again soon.

Dawson’s Creek Review

I finished watching Dawson’s Creek awhile ago but since my computer has been out of commission, I haven’t been able to do reviews. The show started out pretty well. It was about a boy, Dawson, who liked to make films. He had two best friends, one girl and one boy. They are in the middle of filming a movie when a new girl moves into town. The show revolves around those four mostly.

Dawson reminds me of myself. Passionate about the things I’m really into and knowing a lot of history behind the subject. His was filming whereas mine is different types of media. He is a likable character and you get to like the others as well. At first there isn’t much going on in the show besides a lot of talking, but then the characters start to fall in love with each other.

Skip ahead 6 years. By the time of the last season of the show, everyone has pretty much dated everyone else. In the final season, you think that Joey (Dawson’s female friend) will either pick Dawson or Pacey (Dawson’s male friend). However they introduce a new love interest for her. Jen (the new girl) also finds a new love interest in Jensen Ackles which I’m ok with. He’s good in about everything he does. Pacey has a job where he makes quite a bit of money. Dawson is involved with an actress and finally gets his chance at Hollywood. Things are going good for them. This season almost seemed to be more focused on Joey than Dawson however. There were a few episodes that Dawson wasn’t even in whereas Joey was in all of them.

I feel like the writers started the season not knowing it would be their last. Then halfway through, they found out that the show was ending so they had to wrap up all the loose ends. Otherwise, why would they even introduce Joey’s love interest. They made him seem like he was going to be an important part of her life, but then he leaves suddenly and Joey is back to deciding between Dawson and Pacey, who are mad at each other because Dawson invested all his life savings in a stock that failed recommended by Pacey. That episode was one of the better ones in my opinion.

In the first series finale, (because there are two) everyone gets together and helps Dawson out with his movie. In the end, Dawson and Pacey become friends again and quit fighting over Joey. Everyone is happy. Then the show skips ahead five years for the second series finale. Everyone returns to their hometown for a wedding and then things get all dramatic again. Dawson and Pacey begin competing again for Joey but this time they are doing it in a friendly manner. Jen tells them about her terminal sickness and dies. In the end, Joey picks Pacey. It was a little unexpected.

I feel like it was a decent show. It’s worth a watch. There were times you really feel for the characters. The writing was pretty good too. There were a couple episodes that were Halloween episodes. I enjoyed most of them except the one in the finale season. That one was just stupid.

For many of the actors, this was a starting point in their career. Some didn’t do too well after this, like Joshua Jackson, which is a shame because he was a good actor. I liked that the show commented on media through out. Like in the first season finale, in the opener they talked about how finales always show a big event and then leave it as a cliffhanger. Then that’s what the episode did. As it turns out, some of the people who worked on Dawson’s Creek also did Scream, another media that commented on an existing genre.

My wife and I watched the show almost simultaneously. I finished it before she did because she was a little behind and Netflix took it off.

I’m Back

Ladies and gentlemen, I have my computer back and its fixed. I won’t go into an enormous blog tonight, but I can tell you that I have had a lot of time to think of blog ideas. I am also able to return to my live tweeting of the Friday the 13th movies. Some of to come, reviews of movies and books, philosophical ideas, and maybe some rants.

In the recent months away from my computer, I’ve moved, gotten married, and gotten a new job. i worked at a Taco Bell for 4 years and now I am a security officer. I’m finally into law enforcement, which is something I have been wanting to do for years. I probably won’t rant as much about hating people because I don’t have to serve food to them anymore. I’m a lot more happier.

To finish off today, I’ll mention some things I got for Christmas. I’ve been behind on the Marvel movies. I hadn’t seen any of them since Iron Man 3. I got all 3 of the ones after. That includes Thor 2, Cap 2, and Guardians of the Galaxy. I also got the remake of Robocop. I also got Son of Batman, and some other movies. My wife got me Dante’s Divine Comedy. I’ve been curious about this for years. There were some other things too but I can’t recall every item at this moment.

That’s it for today

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I finally have internet back and for this blog I want to just finish up my Universal Monster Cinematic Universe.

Basically this movie joins all the surviving monsters against all the surviving humans from the previous movies. Except the Mummy is not in it. It makes no sense to have him as well as Frankenstein. There aren’t really any new characters so I don’t have to go into it. The only new one is that in this movie Mr. Hyde makes an appearance. He is played by Ryan Hurst (better known as Opie on Sons of Anarchy).

I didn’t really make plans for the plot of this movie or if I did I don’t remember them. I can’t think of how Hollywood will do it either. It will sure be interesting though as long as it isn’t like Van Helsing where they take out the monsters one at a time. And the monsters need to be against the humans, but at certain times they can fight amongst themselves. I’m torn really between the two ideas. They should fight, but also be on a team. I guess we will have to wait and see how it works out.

Post credit scene: The Invisible man had escaped to a boat on the water. As he is escaping, he hears growling. He turns and sees the Creature from the Black Lagoon emerging from the water.

I don’t have a title for this one. I’m not sure what Hollywood will call it either. Maybe Monsters but that’s taken. As long as it isn’t Van Helsing or Monster Squad.

Some other stuff. I’ll be live tweeting the next Friday the 13th movie in the next couple days. Stay tuned for that. I also have a couple blogs planned out. I still won’t be doing them every day but will be much more frequent. A couple reviews of things I finished up right before I lost internet. I’ve been busy these last couple months. I moved to my own apartment, got married, got a new job, and lost a family member. Things are quieter now though. So thank you for being patient.

TrueBlood Series Finale Finally

The thing that had been building up the entire season, (that Japanese company creating the cure) was ended in the first 10 minutes. That’s fine and all, but I felt like that was going to be the big thing. It wasn’t. What was this episode mainly about? A wedding. Who’s getting married? Jessica and Hoyt. How does that make sense? It doesn’t.

This season started out killing off almost everyone. There was at least 2 people who died in each episode. That went until episode 5. Then it got really slow again. The story was interesting though. Then They found this cure in Sarah Newling and Eric was cured, but now Bill had the virus. It seemed easy enough that Bill would drink from her as well and be cured. However he didn’t want the cure so the rest of the season was Bill trying to die from the virus and set his affairs in order. Hoyt had come back because his mom died and he ended up meeting up with Jessica again. He started to like her again and in this episode, Bill pressured them to get married before he would die.

So here’s the wedding. Jason was the best man, Sookie the maid of honor. Sookie began to hear Bill’s thoughts at the wedding. They didn’t have rings and the government hasn’t legalized vampire weddings yet so this is pointless for right now. It doesn’t make sense to me because in Hoyt’s mind, they have only known each other for a couple days.

The other character plots didn’t much matter. This is a series finale so in my opinion it should have gone a lot faster and kept attention a lot more. The very last thing that the show has to wrap up, is Sookie deciding if she wants to be human. Bill had asked her to kill him and in the process it would turn her human.

Most of this is just a summary of the episode, but I gave it to prove my point of that I did not like this finale. It was too slow and there wasn’t anything that I cared happen until the end. Season and most especially series finales are suppose to be exciting and answer or ask big questions. This one did not. Go watch it. Maybe you’ll like it more than I did.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to spoil the ending but decided that I will. You’ve been warned. Bill dies. Sookie kills him but doesn’t use her powers and she decides to keeps them. Then it jumps ahead a year to show that Eric and Pam are cashing in on Sarah’s blood and have “New Blood”. Then it jumps ahead 3 years to show that they are still in production. Then it jumps ahead again to Thanksgiving. This is the “Happily ever after” for everyone. Jason stays with the girl that was Hoyt’s girlfriend which I think is dumb because it’d get very messy. Hoyt is with Jessica which I think is dumb because I don’t think that she could go forever without telling him that her and Jason slept together. Sam comes back for the holiday. Sookie is pregnant and they don’t exactly show who it is. They show him from the back and side and from those angles it looks like someone who looks like a combination between Bill and Alcide. O and Jason has 3 kids.

Now I know they had to end it somehow, but come ON! That was terrible. Were the writers completely out of creativity? I’m mad that I liked the show to begin with. I’m glad it’s over though. I know that the books and the show went different routes and I have yet to read the very last book, but hopefully it brings me better satisfaction than the show did for all these characters.

On a side note, all my predictions came true as to who lives and who dies. Lafeyette wasn’t even in this episode except for a cameo. Which I found to be stupid because they kept him alive for so long.

One last thing, I’ve been away for a very long time and that’s because I’m in the process of moving and soon I’ll be moving again. So my posts will be hit and miss.


The penultimate movie in the Universal Monster Cinematic Universe is the Wolfman. This movie starts off with a flashback to Dracula where Dracula is attacking the nearby village as a wolf. One of the people he bit survives. That person is Larry Talbot and he wakes up a month later. He is played by David Duchovny. He is ill. His wife and children are worried. The full moon is approaching. They believe that it is from the bit being infected.

In some mythologies, the moon is full for three nights instead of just one. On the first night of the full moon, Talbot turns into the Wolfman. This isn’t a CG Wolfman. This is all makeup. He kills his family and then attacks the village. The next day he wakes up in blood of his family. He is upset. The village is finally fed up with all the monsters. Van Helsing is seen putting up fliers, trying to gather up a team of monster hunters.

The second night of the full moon Talbot turns again. The next day, he realizes that he is the Wolfman. He hears rumors of a man who also has strange transformations and goes to see him. This man is Dr. Jekyll played by John Wesley Shipp. John Wesley Shipp played the father on Dawson’s Creek. He also played Barry Allen on the 90s live action Flash TV show. Dr Jekyll is in prison. Talbot visits him but Dr. Jekyll is unable to help him.

The third night he turns again and the following day he decides to leave, not knowing if he will turn every night. The movie ends with him leaving the village. Fill in some plot and add drama and we have a movie.

Post credit scene: Dracula comes to the Wolfman a month later and says that it is the monsters turn to take revenge on the humans.

Tune in next time for the Avengers like movie in the Universal Monsters Cinematic Universe.


This movie in my Universal Monster Cinematic Universe, is more darker than the others. This movie is Frankenstein. Frankenstein has Dr. Frankenstein (Johnny Depp) kill his wife (Mila Kunis), then deny that she is dead. This isn’t the fun crazy Johnny Depp that we’ve seen in most of his movies like Pirates of the Caribbean or Alice in Wonderland, but psychotic killer crazy Johnny Depp like Sweeny Todd or Secret Window. Part of Frankenstein believes his wife is alive and part of him knows she is dead. He begins work on how to bring her back to life. During this time, he partakes in necrophilia.

At some point in the movie, he goes to meet a fellow scientist who is on the verge of a break through in his invisibility research. If you guessed that this was the future Invisible Man then you were right. This man is played by Neil Patrick Harris. Later on in the movie, Frankenstein gets a call from his friend to come to his home. Frankenstein arrives but doesn’t see his friend anywhere. Deciding he doesn’t have time for this, he leaves in a hurry. We see something float in the air though, leaving us to believe that the Invisible Man is already created. The Invisible Man is like Hawkeye in Thor. He doesn’t get his own movie but is given some back story.

Frankenstein is able to resurrect the Bride of Frankenstein with the help of Igor who is played by Jeremy Davies (who played Charles Manson in Helter Skelter and a character on Lost). She goes insane. He creates another monster to kill her once again because he is unable to. This monster is the Frankenstein’s monster we all know and love. This monster is also played by Ron Perlman. I think his voice would be the greatest. Plus he kind of looks like the monster.

So the Bride and the Monster battle with the Monster being victorious. During the skirmish, Dr. Frankenstein is killed as well. Frankenstein’s monster leaves the castle, lost and not knowing what his purpose is.

That’s all I have for this one. The story may not be the greatest, but the cast would carry the movie where it needed to go. And I’m not coming up with an entire script but if the right person was able to, then this could be a great movie.

Ironically, I Frankenstein is playing as I wrote this. Not planned.


Dracula would be the second in my Universal Monster Universe.

The movie starts out similar to past Dracula’s that we know. Jonathon Harker is traveling, but in this version, Mina Harker (who is normally Mina Murray and John’s fiancee) is Harker’s sister. They stop at Dracula’s castle to stay for a bit. Dracula is played by Hugo Weaving (better known as the Smith from the Matrix). John Harker is played by Aaron Eckhart and Mina is played by Catherine Sutherland (better known as Cat the pink Power Ranger from Mighty Morphing). During their stay, Dracula travels to the local village as a wolf and attacks. He kills many people by biting and scratching. Because of this attack, Van Helsing decides to track down Dracula and kill him. Helsing is played by Jensen Ackles. Van travels to the castle and with the help of the Harkers, he is able to repel Dracula from the land. During the skirmish, John Harker is killed. Van falls for Mina Harker and the two leave together.

Post credit scene: I’m not really sure what would work here as a post credit scene. I would say that there wouldn’t be one at all. Maybe this movie is like the Hulk of the Avengers movies. Or maybe there could be a Bryan Cranston cameo. Maybe Van Helsing sent Cranston a letter because he was involved with the Mummy.